Film Production insurance

COOPER MGA is the reference underwriting agency in our country for film insurance; we have the most experienced team of professionals to meet the needs of film & tv producers.

The world of cinema and audiovisual production is full of challenges and risks. From small independent productions to large studio projects, any shooting can face unexpected setbacks that can cause delays, financial loss and legal issues. That is why having adequate filming insurance is essential to protect your investment and guarantee the success of your project.

We have a wide capacity to insure large productions; in addition, our team is highly specialized with a close approach and agile service.

We exclusively underwrite film productions on behalf of Allianz Global.

Filming Production insurance

Film production insurance is a policy designed to cover the risks associated with a film production. It offers a wide range of coverage ranging from accidents, property damage to liability. By purchasing our filming insurance, you will be protecting both your team and your assets during all stages of production, from pre-production to post production.

Insurance benefits

Financial protection

An unexpected event on the set can have a significant impact on your budget. Filming insurance provides you with financial protection against property damage, theft or loss of equipment, production cancellations and other unforeseen events. This allows you to mitigate financial risks and minimize economic losses.

Peace of mind and security

By having filming insurance, you will have a peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case something unexpected happens. This will allow you to focus on creativity and the fulfillment of your project without worrying about the possible risks that may arise during filming.


Civil liability is a crucial element in any film production. Filming insurance can cover legal expenses and indemnity in case someone gets injured or damage occurs to third parties during the filming.

Flexibility and bespoke

Filming insurance is highly flexible and can be adapted to the specific needs of each production. Being able to adjust coverages, limits and other aspects to obtain insurance as best fits your budget & production.

Main Coverages


In order to cover losses as a result of a covered person, in relation to an insured production, being disabled by death, injury or illness. In addition to covering the costs associated with rescheduling the shooting, this guarantee may also include the costs of hiring a replacement or even canceling the project if a suitable replacement cannot be found.

Props, sets, wardrobe & equipment

This guarantee covers accidental damage, loss or theft of Props used in the production, as well as filming and sound equipment, such as costumes, props, cameras, or other technical equipment. Having this guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be protected in the event of any incident that may affect your assets.

Damages to third parties

The guarantee of damages to third parties covers legal expenses and compensation that may arise from such incidents. This may include both legal defence expenses and compensation that may be necessary to repair the damage caused.

General Liability

The guarantee of damages to third parties may include legal expenses and compensation that may arise from such incidents. This includes both legal defense expenses and compensation that may be necessary to repair the damage caused. This guarantee is closely related to the previous one and deals with the general civil liability of cinematographic production. It covers damages caused to third parties during filming  whether at the level of property or personal injury.

Support / Negative

Additional expenses arising from the loss of or damage to or destruction of negatives, motion picture film, software, etc., and related material used in the recording caused by an insured peril. These are the additional expenses to re-record, recreate, etc., the part of the insured production affected by the incident.

Additional costs

Additional expenses incurred out of necessity in the event of interruption, delay or cancellation of an insured production as a direct result of damage to or destruction of property or facilities caused by the risks against which it is insured, used in connection with an insured production.

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